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Will I get the certificate for the course ?

Yes, you will get the certificate. Its a certified course aferall.

What if I missed the majority of classes due to some emergency ?

We got you covered up.

  1. We upload all lectures online.
  2. You can acess them anytime, anywhere.
  3. You can also download them and store it in your PC/Laptop.
  4. You can attend future batch to get revised (if you didn't understand concepts through recorded lectures. For Free. ( How cool is that! )

Is 30 days sufficient for learning all 8 Softwares from scratch ?

Yes! Definitely.

  1. All softwares are breakdown in topics which are taught in efficient manner.
  2. Students are given 'excercise files, resources, shortcut pdf's' to follow along.
  3. All doubts are address in the live session itself at the same moment.
  4. We take "practice" in the session itself, and we don't give any "extra work" to do. So you just have to give 2 hours for the class daily. Thats it. Rest is our responsibilty.
  5. We also schedule "Weekend Doubt Solving Sessions" if needed to address doubts which you came across later while practicing.
  6. The pace of course depends on the grasping power of whole batch together, and just in case if we need to take few more days to cover syllabus, we do extend it. Our priority is you should learn everything that needs to be taught.

I don't have all the softwares downloaded / don't know how to install / What should I do ?

After enrolling, you will be guided and softwares links will be given to you, so you could download them easily and will help you with the installation part if needed.